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The Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office may be able to assist you with expungements in LA County.

Their contact number is

If you have questions,
please email





Free Expungement Resources in Los Angeles County:

A New Way of Life Reentry Clinic
The clinic assists people in search of employment to clean up their criminal records and to understand employment law that relates to people with prior convictions.
2nd and 4th Sundays of most months
Clinics in Watts and Long Beach
Call to register: 323-563-3575

Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County (NLS-LA):
Worker's Rights Clinic

Handles expungements & other worker's rights issues.
Call 800 433-6251 for expungement clinic information.

Pepperdine University Legal Aid Clinic at Union Rescue Mission
Handles expungement and Homeless Court (resolution of tickets & warrants) issues.
545 S. San Pedro Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90013
Call 213 347-6300 for more information.

Fame Free Legal Clinic
2nd & 4th Sunday of every month, 10am until 1pm
2248 South Hobart Ave, Los Angeles. CA 90018 (near Western and 22nd St.)
No appointment is necessary. Visit for more information.

Mesereau Free Legal Clinic
Free Legal Assistance. Various Saturdays, Livescan available last clinic of the month.
Call (323)751-2529 or visit for more information.
8764 Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90003


Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to complete expungement paperwork?

1. You need a copy of EACH of your California criminal cases.
To complete the expungement paperwork for each case, you will need:
1) Case Number 2) Conviction Date 3) Conviction Charge

Where can I get a copy of my criminal record?

Los Angeles Convictions- You can go to the Clerk’s Office in any Los Angeles County Criminal Court building and ask the clerk to print out a copy of your case. Some courthouses will charge .50 cents a page. You may ask for a fee waiver.

California Convictions outside Los Angeles County- Many counties have their records online. You can check for online records through the California Courts website at
Scroll down to the county where you were convicted. If records are not available online, you can call the clerk’s office in that county or order your RAP Sheet from the Department of Justice.

Department of Justice- All of California cases are reported to the Department of Justice in Sacramento. To get your official RAP sheet from Sacramento, you will need to be livescanned. You will need bring a livescan form and a picture ID to the livescan location
The livescan form can be downloaded at:
Locations to be livescanned can be found at:
The cost of a livescan is $40 and $48.

Convictions outside California- Very few states offer Expungements in the way that California allows them. Only 30 states offer any kind of remedy to clean up your record. Most states do not allow a person to have a conviction dismissed at all. Workshops are for California convictions only.

Can I expunge a case if I’ve been to prison on that case?

No. A case on which prison was served is ineligible for expungement.
Please see Certificate of Rehabilitation for cases on which prison was served.

What if I’m still on probation?

You cannot apply for expungement if you are on probation- on any case. You may be eligible to apply for early termination of probation if you have a very good reason for early termination and all of the conditions of probation have been met- meaning all fines, fees, community service, classes, restitution. This issue is not addressed in the workshop. Please contact us at for assistance with this issue.

What if my case was already dismissed?

Dismissed cases cannot be expunged. An expungement is a dismissal.
Dismissed cases do not need to be expunged.

Can my juvenile case be expunged?

Juvenile cases can be sealed if they are not 707(b) Offenses. Juvenile Record Sealing is different than expungement and not addressed in the workshop. See Record Sealing


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